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This was the last element in a three-year roadmap to create an end-to-end skills community. We white-labeled a Learning Management System that supported a blended learning approach with both on-demand and live online training. We launched with three topics and sold $5K of workshops in the first month, a strong proof-of-concept showing. I supervised the design and technical rollout as well as the content production team and created all product marketing collateral.

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E-Learning for Makers

March 2019

The challenge here is constantly shifting content needs as the production cycle advances. The site sells tickets for the flagship U.S. events and helps a global audience discover a worldwide network of more than 200 events. This redesign focused on providing a varied toolbox of mix-and-match content production components for the marketing team. I oversaw design and engineering and collaborated on branding with the business stakeholders. 

Event Marketing 

February 2019

A from-scratch development of an online maker community built thanks to a $1M+ strategic partnership with Intel. A headless Drupal implementation, the site was later rebranded Make: Community. I was the product owner and managed the Intel relationship.

As a white-label of the Job Board.IO platform, this launch was technically simple but filled an important hole in Make:'s workforce development strategy by demonstrating a worldwide job market for maker skills. Paid job postings covered platform costs within six months of launch. See also the evolution of the Make: branding to combine the parent brand with service names; this pattern was repeated across the network in anticipation of eventual consolidation of all domains on I vetted the platform and oversaw rollout in collaboration with the sales team.

Workforce Development

August 2018

Online Community + UGC

May 2017

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Monetized Content

May 2018

Getting Out the Vote 

November 2010

Launched in response to declining digital advertising sales, the Make: Membership program leveraged the existing library of digital magazines hosted on Blue Toad and discounted Maker Faire ticket sales to create a paid digital content offering. The primary challenge was SSO integration across multiple platforms and payment gateways. I managed all elements of the rollout including product marketing and revenue responsibility.

The challenge for this campaign was maintaining momentum after the 2008 presidential election. I started by first securing grant funding from the Carnegie Corp. and the Pew Center on the States. I was responsible for all voter outreach communications including emails, social, in-person events, print collateral and advocacy materials such as this case study.

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First-person post on the life-changing impact of the Maker Movement on my family

All Parents Cheat

Reporting on a quirky annual local event and evolving maker culture in Vallejo, CA

The  Contraption Rally

Explainer on a politically incorrect delicacy including a DIY foie gras recipe

How to Eat Foie Gras

Featured on the Clarity Check

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